Why You Should Have a Family Lawyer

Family law proceedings can be complex and emotional. Whether you are dealing with divorce proceedings, custody agreements, child support, or other family law issues, hiring a law firm that focuses on family law can help you secure the best outcome for your case.

Hiring the family law lawyers in Kitchener area at C. Richard Buck Law Offices will enable you to better assess your case, minimize costs, have legal representation, legal protection and peace of mind.

To Assess Your Case 

A family law lawyer knows the law and can assess all aspects of your case. Many family law cases are highly emotionally charged, hiring a lawyer can help make sure that someone is examining all the facts of your case with a clear head, and represent your interests. Family law can be complex. During a difficult time, you should be confident that your interests are being protected by a professional.

To Minimize Costs

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid hiring a lawyer for their family law case is that they believe it will be too expensive. However, many self-litigated cases end up with complications and mistakes that would not be made with adequate representation, often adding to the time and expense required to resolve a case. Additionally, successful parties may often have some of their legal costs covered by the unsuccessful party. You may have more difficulty recovering costs for representing yourself. Legal proceedings can be lengthy, if you do not have a lawyer you may be forced to take time off from your job in order to prepare for your case. Hiring a professional can help you avoid complications and give you peace of mind.

For Legal Representation

Your family law lawyer will take care of all aspects of your case, including the proper writing and filing of documents related to your case. Consider the case of Page-Cole v Cole, 2017 ONSC 4497 (CanLII). In this child support case, both parties chose to be self-represented. For the applicant, this complicated matters related to an affidavit which she relied on in court. The affidavit in question had been signed by the adult child of the marriage. When the judge realized that this series of affidavits had been written by the applicant, he questioned the child about the conditions in which he signed the document. The judge then decided that the child had been put under undue stress to sign the affidavit, and it severely impacted the credibility of the applicant, and the validity of the affidavit.

A family law lawyer will complete the forms related to your matter and keep your case on track, avoiding delays and complications related to paperwork.

For Peace of Mind

If you are dealing with a family law case, especially one involving children, you should be able to go about your life as normally as possible while your family law lawyer takes care of the technical aspects of your case. Practicing family law in Waterloo and Kitchener area, C. Richard Buck lets you rest assured that a legal professional is working to achieve the terms you need to achieve a separation agreement and/or divorce.

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