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C. Richard Buck is a lawyer in Kitchener specializing in family law and no other area of the law since 1975. He can represent you in a variety of legal matters, including divorce agreements, property issues (personal and corporate) child support and custody, spousal support and more. Richard has over forty years of experience in family law, giving him the expertise to more than adequately represent you in your case. He is available to take cases of any kind in family law involving complex financial holdings and property. Be sure to get the expertise you need by hiring Richard to represent you.

Divorce Law
The divorce process is an especially painful time in a person’s life. Not only are you dealing with the end of your marriage, but you must also deal with the splitting of property, belongings and custody arrangements for any children. Richard will be on your side throughout the whole process to ensure you get what you’re entitled to. He understands the stress and emotions a person experiences during this difficult time and works to support his clients as they deal with this life change.

Child Custody & Support Agreements
It is always in the child’s best interests for custody and child support disputes to be handled quickly and without conflict between parents. Richard does his best to have the child’s best interests in mind when working your case. However, if the other party is making the process difficult or you do not believe the current agreement is best for the child, you need a lawyer on your side who will work to get an appropriate outcome for you and the child. No matter the situation, Richard is the lawyer in Kitchener for the job. He will look out for your children and ensure that they get the care and support they need.

Property Disputes
Are you facing a common law property dispute? Are you having trouble dividing property now that you and your partner are getting divorced? Having a lawyer on your side is the best way to resolve these disputes. Richard knows the specifics of the property laws and will be able to negotiate to split the property fairly, getting you the items or land you deserve. Don’t go it alone and wind up being treated unfairly by your former spouse or significant other. Richard will ensure you get what you are entitled to.

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