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C. Richard Buck has over forty years’ experience as a family lawyer in Kitchener. Focusing only on family law cases, Richard has the expertise needed to help his clients reach the outcome they deserve. He regularly works on cases dealing with divorce, child custody and support as well as property disputes. His experience with all steps of the legal process paired with his expert negotiation skills make him the best lawyer for your case. 

Richard understands that any legal situation involving your family can be an emotional and difficult time. He is here not only for legal support, but for emotional support, too. Richard is able to lend a listening ear during your struggles to help relieve some of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling about your case. You can trust that you are in good hands when you hire our legal team.

Throughout the years, Richard has helped many clients in their family matters. He treats each and every client with the respect and compassion they deserve during difficult family issues, and his clients greatly appreciate it. 

As one of Kitchener’s few certified specialists in the area of family law, Richard frequently receives positive reviews from clients who value his attentiveness, expertise and advice. Here you will find some of the most recent reviews our office has received.

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Experience, Expertise & Savvy

“As 'applicant' a 'big gun'-time was of the essence, the respondent was 100% uncooperative. Understanding of legal rights was respected as explained necessary by Mr. Buck. It took longer than anticipated as there was stonewalling going on by respondent. Costs spiral but as said" why are divorces so expensive? Because they are worth it", as was the case here. Where Mr. Buck shone was in the final moments before trial was ordered, negotiating with the respondent's lawyer who seemed to understand the scope of problems created by his client. Whilst in the court house meeting room, a deal was struck that certainly took experience, expertise and savvy. In the end it worked out favourably as it was finally over without going to court. It was all about the 'buck'($) by the 'Buck'. Could have been a lot worse and now it's over! Thank you Mr. Buck!”

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Grateful I had Him in My Corner... Very Effective

“I have just finished my divorce and Richard has been my lawyer from the beginning. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have had him in my corner. In addition to being very effective in representing me, he has also taught me many valuable lessons over the past 2 years. Richard has been upfront and honest about the cost and my chances of success on issues. He has counselled me against making decisions based on my emotions - even when I insisted. He has taught me to put my feelings aside and to make objective and informed decisions. Richard has fought the fights that needed to be fought, but has not wasted my money fighting for things I had little chance of success in obtaining. Richard has ensured that, in the end, I received everything I was entitled to. I can now start this new chapter in my life with my finances and self-respect intact. Thank you Richard - for everything you have done for me.”

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Blown Away... Little Stress

“Was referred by a friend who had great success with Richard to handle my extremely complicated divorce. I was absolutely blown away how easy Richard made my separation happen with such little stress on my end. I was able to achieve a very great agreement on my end which didn't leave me in hardship. I cannot express enough my content, if you need a trusted lawyer Richard is a must to have represent you. I guarantee you will be absolutely blown away with what he has to offer you.”

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Financially Set for Life

“I just finished a very nasty, long drawn-out divorce case. After searching for a very qualified lawyer which I needed for my case, I hired Richard Buck. I was very happy working with him and especially the positive outcome he achieved for me. I am set for life now financially because of Richard.”

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Knowledgeable, Diligent & Patient

“Just finished my settlement and want to relate my experience with Richard Buck. I found him to be very knowledgeable, diligent, and very patient of the antics the other side was throwing at us. His fees appear to be reasonable, although this is the first (and last) time I have been through this process, so it’s hard to be certain. Having said that, I have spoken to friends who have paid much more. Knowing that court would create even more acrimony as well as cost, he skillfully / strategically avoided court. He was always sensitive to my mood and appetite for conflict during the process, which was very comforting during what has been one of the most difficult processes I have ever experienced. His team was also extremely knowledgeable, supportive and responsive to the events as they unfolded. They were very effective in keeping me calm and informed of the process as it unfolded. I unreservedly recommend Richard Buck and would use him again if the situation was repeated.”

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Best Divorce Lawyer

“Best divorce lawyer I have ever met, he may cost Big bucks but well worth it.”

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Excellent Lawyer

“Richard Buck is an excellent lawyer. His senior law clerk has always gone above and beyond for me - she deserves a raise!”

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Professional, Sympathetic & Knowledgeable

"Due to unforeseen circumstances I was referred to Richard Buck to assist me regarding a common law separation. I was extremely distraught at the time but Mr. Buck was very professional, sympathetic and very knowledgeable. He went over every detail thoroughly and provided me with excellent guidance and advice. With all his years of experience, he definitely knows the law inside and out! I would highly recommend Richard Buck for any matrimonial case. I am very pleased with his services."

- A Satisfied Client

What other past clients are saying:

  • "Takes a strong position and maintains it."
  • "His strong personality was an asset in my case."
  • "He is very results oriented."
  • "I was happy with the representation I had."


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